Wellness Exam

A comprehensive physical exam is a part of your pet’s yearly wellness visit. It can uncover underlying problems with your pet before they begin to show the outward effects. Examinations are required before giving vaccinations to ensure your pet is healthy and their body is ready to mount the appropriate response to immunization.


During your pet’s physical examination the doctor will assess their outward and overall appearance, body condition, and the condition of their coat and skin. The doctor will look in your pet’s mouth and assess their teeth to detect if they have any dental disease. They will palpate your pet’s body, checking them for lumps, bumps, or other physical anomalies detectable by touch. The doctor will also palpate your pet’s abdomen gently, testing for any discomfort or detectable abnormalities having to do with their liver, kidneys, intestines, urinary bladder, and more. The doctor will also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, to ensure they sound normal.


While a physical examination cannot detect all underlying issues your pet may be afflicted with, it does however tell your veterinarian a lot about your pet’s physical health and wellbeing.



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