Weightloss Program

Obesity in pets is an epidemic just as wide-spread and dangerous as human obesity. Carrying extra weight can significantly affect your pet’s life span and well-being. Dogs and cats that are overweight are at a much higher risk of developing diabetes and other obesity-related diseases. If your pet has a love of food that has resulted in them being a little “fluffier” than normal, Aquadale can help!


Utilizing special software and optionally a low calorie prescription diet we can create a safe, structured weight loss plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs. We will support you and your pet as you follow the program with an exact feeding guide, exercise tips and ideas, weekly or monthly weigh-ins, and we will also celebrate your pet’s successes along the way!


This counseling is available to any of our clients free of charge! If you are interested in signing your pet up for a weight loss consultation please call our office any time.

Call us: 330-833-3127