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Whether your pet is young and vibrant, or getting on in years and starting to slow down, Aquadale is ready to become your partner in managing your pet's health and well-being. By tailoring recommendations for each individual patient, we can care for each pet according to their lifestyle.

Healthy Pets

Is your dog or cat young and healthy? Let us help you maintain that vim and vigor with regular wellness exams and preventative care. Younger animals are more at risk to infectious diseases, and therefore, it is important that they receive an effective vaccination regimen tailored to their lifestyle. The staff of Aquadale can work with you to define a safe but effective vaccination protocol for your pet. We utilize Boehringer-Ingelheim ULTRA brand vaccines which have half the volume of normal vaccinations, as well as going through a special "cleaning" process to be the purest vaccine for pets today.


Our goal is to keep healthy pets healthy!

Arthritic Pets

It's one of the hardest things to see. Your dog used to be young and bursting with energy, but is beginning to slow down and have some trouble walking.


Aquadale doctors recommend a multi-tiered approach to managing osteoarthritis in older pets. Utilizing traditional veterinary medicine such as an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain quickly, and chondroprotective medications like glucosamine to protect the cartilage and slow the effects of the disease.


In addition to the traditional treatment protocol for arthritis, Aquadale can also offer adjunctive therapies and supplement recommendations that can greatly improve your pet's quality of life. Therapy laser treatments are a painless, non-invasive way to lower pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, and help your dog to be more comfortable. Herbal therapy is another option. It can be given in conjunction with traditional arthritis medications and can lower inflammation and pain.


You have options for the best care of your pet. We will help you create the best treatment plan suited for your pet.


No one wants to see an animal get ill, least of all us. Unfortunately for most pets they will inevitably become unwell at some point. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants will ensure your pet receives the best skilled nursing while in our care.


Hospitalized patients are bedded down on a thick layer of comfy blankets which help keep them warm, but if they need a little extra heat we add some warm water bottles or our warm air mattress to keep them toasty and comfortable. Frequent potty breaks, especially for those canine patients who are receiving fluids, help to ensure their cage stays dry and comfortable. Our staff is also checking their bedding often just in case of an accident.


The staff will dote on your pet while they are in our care. Making sure they receive all medications and treatments on time, and keeping a close eye on their progress until they have recovered enough to go home.

Disease Screening & Wellness

Here at Aquadale we utilize Wellness Screening as a tool in the fight for your animal's best health. Wellness Screening is a simple blood test that gives us a "snapshot" of your pet's health on the day it was run. The sample is easily obtained as the procedure is well-tolerated by pets and can be collected while they here for an annual visit.


The blood tests that are performed with Wellness Screening check the major internal organs for early signs of trouble. Wellness Screening can potentially detect any of these major diseases:



Kidney Disease

Liver Disease



Immune-mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Immune-mediated Thrombocytopenia

Chronic Inflammation (Bronchitis, IBD, or Parasites)



We are now offering SDMA Testing through Idexx Laboratories. SDMA is a newer testing breakthrough that can detect kidney disease months or years earlier than traditional kidney testing. Kidney disease is a process that cannot be reversed, however, we try to manage it and keep the pet comfortable for as long as possible. Typically kidney disease tests do not show signs of kidney disease until at least 75% of function has been lost. The SDMA testing allows us to detect issues far before that. By detecting kidney disease earlier, we can begin supporting the patient sooner, and try to save as much kidney function as possible.


1 in every 3 cats will develop chronic kidney disease (CKD) during their lifetime. If you have a cat that is over the age of 6, we highly recommend getting wellness bloodwork for your cat - which will include the SDMA test to ensure their kidneys are functioning well.

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