What to expect during your first visit

When you come into our lobby, please check in at the reception desk. Once we have you checked in you can feel free to grab a cup of joe and have a seat in our lobby until you and your pet are called back.


Once we call on you, we will move towards our exam rooms with a quick stop at the scale to weigh your pet. After we have a current weight marked down we will take you and your pet into one of our exam rooms to begin taking a history. The vet tech will ask questions about your pet's medical history as well as other questions about their everyday life. When the tech is finished taking a thorough history they will leave the room for a few moments to go and speak with the doctor who will be seeing your pet.


After a brief wait the doctor will enter the room and introduce herself to you and to your pet. The vet assistant will lift your pet gently onto the examination table for the doctor to begin her assessment. She will do a full examination of the patient, which includes a thorough assessment from nose to tail. Once her exam is complete, she will discuss her findings and move forward to do either what your pet was scheduled for such as vaccines, or to create an action plan if your pet is ill and discuss her recommendations.


Once we have completely attended to the needs of your pet, we will direct you towards our reception again to pick up any necessary medications and check out for your visit.


If you have any questions about our appointments please give us a call at 330-833-3127.

Our clients utilize the PetPartner app to keep in touch with us and manage their pet's appointments, prescriptions, and more!

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