Digital Xray & Digital Dental Xray


Our clinic utilizes a state of the art digital radiology unit that allows our doctors the very best image quality when diagnosing your pet. Our digital radiology allows us to be fast, and effective when diagnosing potential issues and problems. Radiographs enable us to see internal issues with your pet’s soft tissues, bones and organs, as well as dental radiographs so that our doctors can see what your pet’s teeth look like under the surface of the gums.



Utilizing a traveling ultrasound company, Aquadale is able to offer in-house diagnostic ultrasounds for our patients which are more convenient and less expensive than referral. Imaging4Pets is a company that will bring the equipment and ultrasound technician directly to Aquadale, where they will perform a full ultrasound before sending the results to a radiologist for review. The results are sent back to the doctors at Aquadale, usually within 24 hours, or within 2 hours if we need the results rushed.



In-House Laboratory & Bloodwork


We have a full-service diagnostics laboratory on site so that we are able to get diagnostic answers as quickly as possible when your pet is ill, or even performing routine wellness testing to establish a baseline of your pet’s normal values for future reference. Our in house lab can perform the following diagnostics:


⦁ Blood Chemistry for checking the status of internal organs such as kidneys, liver, pancreas, and more.

⦁ Complete Blood Count which can detect anemia, dehydration, infection,  and some cancers.

⦁ Fecal Testing to detect the presence of intestinal parasites.

⦁ Cytology to detect urinary tract infections, ear infections and needle biopsies of tumors.

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