Dental Care

Pets suffer from dental and periodontal disease, as well as other dental afflictions such as cavities, just like people do. In fact, dogs and cats have a higher incidence of dental disease.





Regular at home maintenance of your pet’s teeth will go a long way towards keeping their smile healthy and bright, but just like us, they can benefit greatly from a professional cleaning on a regular basis. This dental cleaning is performed under light general anesthesia and includes an oral examination to detect problems that are visually evident, as well as full digital radiographs of your pet’s teeth and jaw bones to detect problems at the tooth roots where we cannot see with our naked eye. Once the examination is complete the veterinary technician will clean the teeth thoroughly using an ultrasonic scaler which destroys plaque and tarter using vibration. Once the teeth have been cleaned on all surfaces, they are polished with a fluoride rich paste to smooth out the surface of the enamel, making it harder for newly formed plaque and tarter to attach to the slick surfaces. If there are any teeth that are infected, fractured or have other issues they are removed at this time by the veterinarian. The doctors at Aquadale cannot perform fillings or root canals on dogs and cats, and if a tooth is causing a problem most of the time the solution is to remove it surgically, however, the doctors only recommend extracting teeth that absolutely need to come out for the good of the patient.


For our dental patients we like to do a courtesy dental recheck two weeks after the cleaning to ensure everything in the mouth has healed well after the cleaning, especially if there were any extractions. We also give you a goodie bag with a few tools you can use at home to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and hopefully lengthen the time between needed cleanings.



Statistics show that 75% of pets will suffer from dental disease by the age of three.

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